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Lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging as the effects of gravity and sun damage begin to leave their marks on our faces. Restylane & Juvederm in Georgia are injectable dermal fillers for improving the appearance of these visible signs of aging for a younger, refreshed face.

A non-surgical Juvederm treatment can be used to improve the appearance of:

  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Thinning lips (non-surgical lip augmentation)

Restylane & Juvederm in Georgia - How Does It Work?

Restylane & Juvederm is are popular hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers that is used to fight moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. The colorless HA gel is intended to mimic the hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in your skin to temporarily restore facial volume and smooth out signs of aging.

A dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm can be used in conjunction with Botox in order to achieve fuller results and prevent the development of new lines and wrinkles.

Your Restylane or Juvederm Treatment

Dr. Rosenthal will administer your filler treatment at our Medspa. The filler solution will be injected below the dermis of your skin in the treatment spot. The HA gel works with the existing hyaluronic acid in your tissue to add volume beneath the skin and smooth away lines or wrinkles.

Your treatment should take about half an hour and you should be able to return to your daily routine, with limited activity for the first 24 hours. Some patients may experience minor side effects, such as redness or itching, for the first few days. The results of your Juvederm treatment can last for up to 12 months with minor touch ups to maintain the best results.

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